A carrier oil is the fat that has been extracted from a seed, nut, or other plant that is naturally high in essential fatty acids, by pressing and squeezing or crushing it. It’s called a carrier oil when its purpose is to provide a base to contain the essential oil and increase its absorption.

Because a carrier oil is naturally rich in essential fatty acids, even on its own it is extremely beneficial to the skin as well as to the body if ingested. However, because most essential oils tend to evaporate too readily in the air and because the tiny amounts that are recommended for use in healing are not able to be transferred to the entire skin of the body, which covers a wide area on their own, or are too powerful, even toxic to apply directly, carrier oils are used.

Carrier oils have the effect of diluting and assimilating essential oils – basically, spreading them out. The carrier oil literally carries the essential oil’s benefits with it. Without the carrier oil to distribute its healing power, the essential oil’s overall effect is greatly diminished while its power, though potent, is concentrated to a very small area.

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