Store essential oils

When you start collecting essential oils for beauty, skin care, or natural health, you will need to find a good place to put them. When you have just one or two, it is easy to put them on the counter or in a medicine cabinet, but you should know the proper way to store them so that they can last as long as possible.

Keep the Oils in Their Original Bottles

The bottles that your essential oils come in are not just for decoration or convenience; these bottles are made specifically for holding essential oils. Essential oils need to be placed in dark glass, since it helps reduce UV light that can damage them. Your oils from Shea Healing will come in these dark bottles. If you are making blends, pour the finished blend into another dark-coloured glass bottle.

Place the Bottles in a Cool, Dry Place

Once you have them in the right bottles, ensure they are never left out in the sun. If your kitchen or bathroom is flooded with light, you need to put the bottles inside a cupboard where it is dark, cool, and dry. Don’t put them near the edge of the shelves as you can easily accidentally knock them down when opening up the cupboard or medicine cabinet door. They can be a danger for children to ingest, so try to choose a cabinet up high or one that is locked where nobody can get to them.

Store Your Carrier Oils at the back of the cabinet

For your carrier oils, they are similar to other oils that you have for cooking. They need to be kept at room temperature, preferably in a cabinet and not left out on the counter. In winter this should be enough to help prevent them from spoiling.

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