Since the innovations in the uses for cannabis and CBD; hemp and hemp seed oils have become a loaded topic over the last decade or so and many people have questions regarding the differences between these health influencing substances. Some people may have an aversion to these oils based on the name or the sound of the name due to the lack of knowledge about these marvelous oils. The purpose of this article is to explain the differences and give you a small amount of info about them.

From the Same Family 

Hemp oils, CBD and cannabis oil come from plants that are in the same family, but there are some pretty big differences between them. The next section will give you a basic idea of the main differences.

Hemp seed oil – is produced by cold-pressing hemp seeds to create a dark, thick oil that is highly concentrated and nutrient-rich. It does not contain THC, the chemical compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive effects; in other words, it does not make you high.

Hemp Oil – this is made from the same hemp that is grown for industrial use. Industrial hemp is high in CBD, but lacks any sort of psychoactive properties due to its extremely low THC content. This is sometimes used interchangeably with Hemp seed oil which can cause a confusion.

Cannabis Oil – This oil is created using the flower and leaves of the cannabis plant. This type of oil has some CBD, but it is a much lower percentage of CBD than that of the industrial hemp plant. The biggest difference here is that the oil contains a lot more THC than that of the industrial hemp variety, and because of this, retains many of the psychoactive properties that can be experienced by smoking it. It also has a wealth of anti-inflammatory properties when used topically. However, even though it’s popularity has grown, many regions still consider this oil to be illegal.

CBD – CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is the cannabinoid in cannabis. It is extracted from the leaves, flowers and stalk of the plant. The amount if THC in CBD can vary but legally sold CBD has very little to no THC. It is a popular product for pain and stress relief – declared a true miracle oil by the millions who benefit from it.

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