Massage and Essential oils

Our happy clients have begged ☺️ asked us to introduce more products to compliment our beautiful unrefined shea butter! We are excited to oblige.

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We have carefully selected our essential oils and our supplier, a South African company passionate about growing the essential oils industry in South Africa.

Our first carefully selected offering comes from South African farms only and contributes to the sustainability of our country’s agribusiness, something which, as you all know, is close to our heart. We will later introduce other African grown essential oils and ultimately, carefully selected essential oils from around the world because we want to bring you the best as we do with our shea butter.

Our essential oils are categorised as follows:

Essential oil – High quality essential oils which can be used in cosmetics, soap making, candles, household uses etc.
Aromatherapy – High quality therapeutic grade oils which can be used for medicinal purposes, massage, cosmetics etc.
Organic – this range has got an organic certificate.

You can get some information and tips about essential oils and all our products on our facebook page. You can get more information about essential oils from such websites as Dr Axe, but always please remember to seek advice from an expert.